Signature Name Date

Author: Accord Project

signature-name-date@0.1.4 Clause ^0.20.10 0011339b24ae847dfe47e3192cd4cd617b74f95d0a97f6b3051050065231f4b3

A signature block with name and date tags for a recipient

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Signature with Name and Date

Static text that can be added to a contract to autoplace a signature block, name and the date.

Template Text

Signature: "signature-clause-signature"

Name: "signature-clause-name"

Date: "signature-clause-date"

Signature: "signature-clause-signature"

Name: "signature-clause-name"

Date: "signature-clause-date"
Signature: {{signatureAnchorTag}}

Name: {{nameAnchorTag}}

Date: {{dateAnchorTag}}
    "$class": "io.clause.signature.namedate.SignatureClause",
    "clauseId": "343a7831-5620-4d8e-bb0f-4c2e061152d8",
    "signatureAnchorTag": "signature-clause-signature",
    "nameAnchorTag": "signature-clause-name",
    "dateAnchorTag": "signature-clause-date"

Template Model

namespace io.clause.signature.namedate

import org.accordproject.cicero.contract.* from
import org.accordproject.cicero.runtime.* from

// Template model
asset SignatureClause extends AccordClause {
  o String signatureAnchorTag
  o String nameAnchorTag
  o String dateAnchorTag

Model Dependencies

Template Logic

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Technical Integration

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