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A sample demandforecast clause.

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Demand Forecast

A sample demand forecast clause.


            On or before the 04/02/2018, and thereafter on or before the last day of each calendar quarter, the Purchaser "PETER" shall send the Supplier "DAN" a Supply Forecast. The Supply Forecast will be a binding commitment on the Purchaser’s behalf to purchase during the first quarter included in each Supply Forecast at least 85% of the quantity of the listed Product.


Model Dependencies

Technical Integration

Please refer to the Cicero documentation for details and examples of how to integrate a call to a Cicero template into your application.

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Sample Instance

    "$class": "org.accordproject.demandforecast.DemandForecastClause",
    "clauseId": "7d04ed62-04bc-4dea-b007-75c5b324f612",
    "purchaser": "PETER",
    "supplier": "DAN",
    "effectiveDate": "2018-04-02T00:00:00.000-04:00",
    "minimumPercentage": 85

State Types

Type Sample JSON
    "$class": "org.accordproject.cicero.contract.AccordContractState",
    "stateId": "6ff2cd10-9cce-11e9-9a6f-d5f6456622aa"

Request Types

Type Sample JSON
    "$class": "org.accordproject.demandforecast.ForecastRequest",
    "supplyForecast": 122.404,
    "transactionId": "6ff2a600-9cce-11e9-9a6f-d5f6456622aa",
    "timestamp": "2019-07-02T09:36:46.688-04:00"

Response Types

Type Sample JSON
    "$class": "org.accordproject.demandforecast.BindingResponse",
    "requiredPurchase": 79.233,
    "year": 26023,
    "quarter": 19951,
    "transactionId": "6ff2a601-9cce-11e9-9a6f-d5f6456622aa",
    "timestamp": "2019-07-02T09:36:46.688-04:00"

Events Types

Type Sample JSON
    "abstract": "this is an abstract type"